Performance without Cocktails….

Well, it’s the last post before I head off to get married and take a well-deserved break on Honeymoon with my stunning new wife. Smug comments aside,I felt the need to at least post something to keep myself aware of the need to keep updating and to show anyone who DOES read this that I’m putting as much effort into it as my (limited) free tine allows!

The major story over the past week, save for the requests for Privacy reform by Gerry McCann and Max Mosley (which I need to think about a bit more before commenting upon), has been YouTube’s apparent blocking of Music Videos (after muting their soundtracks to avoid copyright infringement previously) following a failure to agree royalty terms with the PRS.

There are two sides, as always, to this. On the one hand, YouTube claims that the PRS simply wants too much money from them and the PRS says that YouTube is trying to dictate terms for the songwriters which it represents.

I’ve got to nail my colours to the mast here. YouTube is owned by Google, serial ignorer of IP laws all over the world. It’s fine for them to post entire TV series as they have in the past, but now they’re eally expecting us to believe that they can’t put back into the industry from which they’re happy to take via royalty fees?

Not only that, but the video for “The Tide Is Turning” by Roger Waters was playing without a problem on my office PC on Friday night.

Sometimes, the PRS is plain unreasonable. This time however, they’ve probably got the right idea. Here’s hoping that Google do the right thing.

Until I get back from Honeymoon, take care. And for those who rail against my music taste, Roger Waters is a very talented man who also happens to be very unlikeable. Ask David Gilmour.

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