“We Interrupt Your Usual Programming”-#bytenight 2010

This post is about as far off-topic as I normally get. As I type, I’m sleeping rough in a car park behind Ducie House in Manchester with four HBJ Gateley Wareing Trainees (Robyn, Amy, James and Becky), most of Codecomputerlove and a sizable contigent from North West Vision & Media to raise money for NCH Action For Children. It’s called ByteNight, an annual event usually reserved for the IT & Digital Industries, but they let a few Lawyers in under the radar.

As we sat around empty wine bottles and felt very socially conscious, one of the NCH guys told us how inspired and grateful he was that we came out tonight. Almost involuntarily, I went for a cliched reaction, telling him about how the work he (Matt) does is.

Obvious as it was, it’s true. We’re out here tonight by choice, a luxury (amongst many) that the families with which NCH work simply don’t have. Their revenue streams are falling away as demand for their help continues to rise in what some would call “Broken Britain”.

Matt argued pretty convincingly that Britain’s actually pretty cohesive. Although charity’s a very personal thing, a common denominator for most should be sympathy for anyone who, for whatever reason, doesn’t have the luxury of our choice tonight. For us, it’s a bit of fun that assuages catholic guilt. For many, it’s just a fact of life.

This post will be tweeted automatically. Amongst the white noise of other tweets, it at least makes a point that I wouldn’t normally, which I hope makes it worth reading. Children all over this country are sleeping tonight without knowing if or where they’ll sleep tomorrow. They’re why we’re out here tonight.

Don’t spare a thought for us- please try and spare what you can for them.

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